IAPA Argentinian and Brazilian member firms appear in IAB country reports

Argentina: looking for a clearer view.  Brazil: transparency and control. Extracts from both articles.

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Meet the new IAPA CEO

Editor of the IAB talks to IAPA CEO about what comes next for the association

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Measuring Organisational Performance!

Does your firm have the right organisational measures in place to improve performance and drive better results?

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IAB announces IAPA's 3 new firms in the EMEA and Latin American regions

IAPA is delighted to welcome 3 new firms in November, gaining representation in 2 new countries.

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IAB announce IAPA & UK200Group memorandum of understanding

The UK200Group officially becomes a full National Accounting Group of IAPA.

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IAPA shares its 2016 greatest hits with Public Accounting Report

PAR asked IAPA 'What new service or program have you introduced in the past year that has been of greatest value and benefit to member firms?'

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IAB announces IAPA's 5th new firm this year - new appointment in Chile

IAPA is delighted to increase its representation in Latin America, welcoming a new firm in Chile

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IAB highlight IAPA's new appointments in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh

IAPA is delighted to warmly welcome new firms from Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh

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IAB announce IAPA's new appointment in Saudi Arabia

IAPA is delighted to appoint it's first firm in Saudi Arabia, published in the International Accounting Bulletin

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IAB announce IAPA's appointment in Sri Lanka

IAPA International recruits new firm in Sri Lanka, published in the International Accounting Bulletin

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