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The Power of Giving Great Feedback

The reality is however, in our experience, giving great feedback is probably the most underused and badly executed management skill in the workplace. Read More


IAPA announces a new Chief Executive Officer

Ozgur is Managing Partner of IAPA member firm MED YMM ve Bagimsiz Denetim A.S., Istanbul, Turkey that has been a member of IAPA for over 5 years. Read More


IAPA recruits new law firm in Romania

IAPA is delighted to announce the appointment of Cabinet Avocat Iova Calin, Romania. Read More


IAPA recruits a new firm in Morocco

IAPA warmly welcomes new firm AAFIR Audit & Consulting Morocco (A2CM) based in Tangier. Read More


OAK Chartered Accountants expand into 4 major cities in Nigeria

Fantastic growth for IAPA Nigerian member firm. Read More


IAPA recruits new firm in Nigeria

IAPA is delighted to appoint a new firm in Lagos, Nigeria Read More


IAPA is delighted to welcome new firm in Argentina

IAPA is delighted to announce the appointment of Casin & Asociados SRL’s office based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Read More


IAPA welcomes new firm in Tanzania

IAPA is delighted to announce the appointment of Hanif Habib & Co based in Dar es Salaam Read More