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Stark & Stark receive unique taxation decision from Israeli tax authorities

Stark & Stark CPA, led by the head of their tax team CPA & Advocate Yoel Stark, received a unique, first of its kind, taxation decision from the Israeli tax authorities – "Ruling" for their client, an Israeli R&D Technology company Read More


How can Blockchain affect your business?

You probably have heard of the term Blockchain but what is it? And how can this affect your business? Read More


Director of RTF-Audit, Moscow receives award from Russian Finance Minister

Grigory Neverov, the Director of RTF-Audit, Moscow, was recently awarded an Official Thankful Letter from the Russian Finance Minister. Read More


MED YMM ve Bagimsiz Denetim A.S. becomes one of BCCt's first member!

BCCT officially launches GREAT British Business Club and MED YMM ve Bagimsiz Denetim A.S. (http://www.medymm.com.tr) became one of it’s first member! Read More


JM Corporate Finance, The Netherlands (IAPA associate member)

We’re delighted to make you part of the news out of JM Corporate Finance and the Dutch acquisition market in general. News that makes us proud and news we would like to share with you. Read More


HELMI TALIB & CO: A period of growth

Our firm has grown over the year and added 30 new clients from various industries. With the increased workload, we hired 13 new staff at various levels. Read More


New from CSA, Malta

Update from IAPA's firm in Malta Read More


News from Stark & Stark, Israel

An update from IAPA's member firm in Israel Read More


Non-Residents Sending Employees to Canada

Non-residents that send their employees to Canada are technically required to withhold Canadian payroll tax, or apply for a waiver before each employee works in Canada. For non-resident employers with employees frequently entering Canada for short periods, this creates a significant administrative burden Read More


New Zealand Foreign Trust Disclosure Rules

The new disclosure regime for New Zealand foreign trusts is now in place and with the 30 June deadline for compliance now passed we can take stock of the current position. Read More