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Working from Home: Our Experience

-By Roshan Sageer

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the way we carry out our daily activities, work, and engage in social interactions. We have slowly grown to accept this new normal - from wearing masks, ensuring regular sanitization to maintaining social distancing all of which may go on until a vaccine is found or herd immunity against this virus is eventually acquired sometime in the future.

With most of our employees continue to work from home, the Helmi Talib Group has been keen on embracing agile strategies to meet the challenges posed by the new situation. Implementation of digital solutions and regular training of our employees early this year have helped to ensure the continuity of our business services to our clients that meet their needs.

We are pleased to share our experiences of how it has been for our employees to work from home.


Birthday Celebrations: The Digital Way

Celebrating our birthday babies' special day!

Despite working from home, the Helmi Talib Group celebrated our birthday babies the digital way! Team members joined in on platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to wish them, with the additional surprise of having some delicious sweets and treats being delivered to them on their special day.

Staying Connected

The Helmi Talib Group made it a priority to encourage everyone to interact with team members and engage them in exciting games and quizzes. A memorable highlight was the online Bingo game joined in by all our staff members remotely!

From weekly online trivia games with exciting prizes, to sharing thought leadership insights, health and well-being practices, and engaging in online  interactive meetings, we are still being able to recreate the sense of connection that has been typically a part of our experience while being in a physical office environment.   

We are certain that it would be a matter of time before things would get back to normal and hopefully we will all soon be able to continue to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like walking freely on the streets without wearing masks, the things we all once took for granted.

Until then, stay healthy and stay safe.