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Update from Stark & Stark

  • Stark & Stark, together with GoldRock Captial are holding a seminar for new immigrants in June - Living with the Israeli tax system, which is an opportunity for them to learn about Israel’s tax requirements and maximizing their benefits
  •  Iris participated as a guest speaker at a few conferences during the past few months. She spoke at the Institute of Certified Public Accountants conference on “Tax Fraud and Money Laundering” and was the moderator and speaker at the annual “Non-Profit Organization” conference.


  •  The Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee approved legislation that advances bill linking tax evasion with money laundering
  •  Iris was invited to attend the Knesset (Parliament) Economics Committee on “Regulations of Purchasing groups in Real Estate”. The hearing was to examine whether existing rules that allow operation of purchasing groups need improvement in order to prevent buyers remaining without funds and without shelter. Iris said “the Knesset is obliged to clarify the public purchasing groups not suitable for those purchasing their first apartment as there is no certainty in date of delivery , price and price risk”
  •  Some of Stark & Stark’s new clients include; Hapoal Raanana – football group, Advancement of students and entrepreneurs: Activities for improving the welfare of life, quality of education and culture of students and young entrepreneurs in Israel, and Youth Village for promotion of Excellence Ltd - improving conditions for the children and young people at risk in Israel/
  •  An article of Iris was published in Israel’s business newspaper, Globes, “The Gatekeepers Are Not Guilty”. ..\Ezra\Gatekeepers Are Not Guilty.pdf