IAPA launches new website and video!

Reload.... Refresh.... Relaunch!

IAPA is delighted to announce the launch of the brand new website.

Stephen Hamlet, IAPA CEO, said
"The site is intended to provide a modern, fresh and new image for the association, yet maintaining the name and logo established several years ago.

The goal was to simplify the site, making it easier to view for existing members, and making it attractive to potential new members and clients of members.

The new theme and concept is -

“IAPA: creating the fabric of a global society”. The members being seen as the threads and fabric coming together to form the global society. The association does not work without unity and collaboration, just like a fabric will not come together without its component parts."

The main messages promoted throughout the site include forward-thinking, multicultural with local knowledge, globally connected, incorporating much energy and passion within a group that was established many years ago yet continues to develop and advance.

Stephen continued "Many of our members have been with us for quite some time and we wanted the personality behind the organisation, and the relationships created, to shine through with this new image."

At the same time, a new Corporate Video has been produced and is available to view HERE