IAPA awarded Sustainability Champion of the year by International Accounting Bulletin

We are delighted to announce that IAPA International has been awarded Sustainability Champion of the year at The International Accounting Bulletin’s, Digital Accountancy Awards 2019.

The Sustainability Champion accolade recognises those that demonstrate commitment to sustainability in the financial and accounting sectors by seeking to lead change and transforming into a smarter, more effective and sustainable organisation.

IAPA has seen considerable growth over the past year, with new CEO Ozgur Demirdoven playing an instrumental role in developing and delivering innovative solutions, tools and services to its members, whilst encouraging and supporting to help develop long-term strategies towards a more sustainable economy.

Ozgur Demirdoven, IAPA CEO commented “It is a great pleasure to be recognised for our commitment to sustainability. We actively strive to improve and advance the economic, environmental and social conditions within our association, given that the future is determined by the sustainable work that we accomplish today.”

Established in 1979, IAPA’s long-term success stems from high-level personal service and sustainable, bespoke business solutions, that have been refined over four decades – all underpinned by the strength of support and collaboration among global members.

Martin Clapson, IAPA Global Chairman commented “I am very proud of our award and I know IAPA will further adapt to the shifting landscape by making positive changes in our partnership with our members and ensuring that we meet todays needs without compromising the future. We at IAPA will continue to build the world we imagine, together.”