Serving Clients with Cost Segregation

WEBINAR, 23 October 2019

Join host Craig R. Tobin, Principal of CGA to discuss Cost Segregation, including:
What is Cost Segregation

- The History of Cost Segregation

- Recent Changes to the Federal Tax Law

Identifying Cost Segregation Opportunities

- Who is Eligible for a Cost Segregation Study?

- What Types of Properties Can Benefit from a Cost Segregation Study?

- What Size Project Does My Client Need?

- Going Back in time

- Looking Forward

The Federal Tax Benefits of Cost Segregation

- Accelerate Depreciation

- Increase Current Tax Deductions

- Defer Income Tax

- Increase Cash Flow

- Provide Other Additional Benefits

The Cost Segregation Process

- Gathering General Information

- Benefit Studies

- Engagement Letter

- Request Drawings and Construction Cost

- Site Inspection

- Advance Totals

- Final Report

- Audit Support if Needed

We look forward to seeing you