WEBINAR, 8 May 2019

New technologies continue to emerge and as companies begin to adopt them, audit and finance professionals need to shift their mindset to learn and adapt, thereby advancing their audit teams for the future. The adoption of audit technology will allow for greater efficiency in audits, as well as, business process improvement (BPI), resulting in cost savings and valuable new insights for your organization. Audit teams will be empowered to work smarter – taking them beyond the audit and finance roles to a strategic contributor to the company’s mission.

In the first webinar of our webinar series, Michael Cangemi, President of CanCo LLC, will talk about the importance of making this shift to expanded use of technology. He will explore some of the challenges and provide insights on solutions to implement a tech-focused strategy crucial to ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. Michael will touch on the benefits the organization will see by incorporating technologies such as audit analytics and how improving the performance of the internal audit process will get your teams moving in the right direction today.

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