How to run engaging online meetings

How to run engaging online meetings

WEBINAR, 7 April 2020, 2PM GMT

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, over the past two weeks many of my clients have been compelled to move their regular team meetings or spring conferences online. Noting the guidance from public health experts, I anticipate that this trend will continue for some time. As they take on this new meeting format, my clients worry about losing control of their team, losing connection with customers and clients, and losing the support of senior management. To limit these negative impacts, they’re eager to make the online meeting experience as engaging as live interaction.

Conducting online meetings and conferences presents new challenges and requires a different set of skills. As with any new skill, we need time, tools, guidance, feedback and practice to master it.

Over the past sixteen years I’ve conducted a great deal of my business online. I facilitate group meetings, lead webinars, group coach, teach courses, and provide keynote speeches via online platforms – with audience sizes ranging from 3 to 10,000. On the webinar I will share tips and strategies to help transform online meetings into productive, business-building interactions.

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