Creating a marketing culture at your firm

WEBINAR, 4 December 2019,

When 100 accounting marketing professionals were recently surveyed, an overwhelming response to the question “What is the biggest challenge facing your firm that should be addressed in the next twelve months?” cited top concerns that clearly fell into the category of “creating a marketing culture”.

A marketing culture is more than knowledge about a firm’s products and services or how a firm compares to its competitors. It’s more than brochures, a great website and killer proposals. Culture is defined as a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterize an organization. Thus, a firm with a marketing culture believes in and consistently practices marketing techniques that ultimately reflect the organization itself.

This can be a challenge as many professional service providers still struggle to understand the value of marketing, demonstrate their own credibility and provide evidence of revenue based on marketing efforts.

Topics to be explored during the Webinar:

  • Learn how marketing efforts can address important issues such as client relations and turnover
  • Learn how to leverage marketing strategies, which, in addition to using to attract new clients, should also be applied to retaining existing clients and recruiting talent at your firm
  • Understand the importance of regular communication internally among all staff at your firm – and learn some tricks to do so easily and effectively
  • Explore the areas that surround just what it means to have a “living, breathing” marketing culture – and identify the most important steps that can be taken to create this environment at your firm

We look forward to seeing you